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Mr. Wikstrom focuses on consumer decision-making biases, primarily in the residential energy and water domain. Mr. Wikstrom assists public utility companies in designing large-scale behavioral pilot studies of their residential customers, and evaluation of existing residential energy efficiency programs.

All Politics Is Spatial

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"All politics is local." Tip O'Neill's famous quote is a pithy way to introduce the topic of integrating real-world data into agent-based modeling research. O'Neill's truism stresses that politicians have to know their constituents in order to win elections, and that these constituents are primary concerned about local issues. For example, what matters [...]

Citizens and the Social Sustainability of Energy Infrastructure Siting (SEI), August 2015

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National Science Foundation Grant Division of Civil, Mechanical and Manufacturing Innovation Award #1536741, 30 August 2015 Delays in the construction of energy infrastructure can raise energy costs, reduce electricity reliability, and cause supply disruptions. A systematic empirical understanding of the social sustainability of energy infrastructure is needed. This project develops and tests new theories [...]

Permitting Energy Infrastructure in the 21st Century

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Using predictive analytics to reduce infrastructure siting conflicts and improve social and economic outcomes 21st century problems of species extinction, global warming, energy security, yet rely on 19th century approaches for solving problems. The US Chamber of Commerce’s Project-No Project program has attempted to quantify the economic benefits from modernizing US infrastructure. [...]